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Online ITF-14 Generator is developed based on OnBarcode .NET Barcode Generator Component.


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ITF-14 Barcode Settings
Barcode Encoding Data
ITF-14 bearer bar horizontal (The value of the horizontal bearer bars (top and bottom bars), from 1 to 10)
ITF-14 bearer bar vertical (The value of the vertical bearer bars (left and right bars), from 1 to 10)
(Wide/narrow ratio. Valid value range from 2.0 to 3.0 inclusive)

ITF-14 Barcode Text Style
Show Text
Text margin  
Text Font Name
Text Font Size
Text Font Style
Text Color  

Barcode Colors
Back Color  
Fore Color  

Unlock Keycode
ITF-14 Barcode Image Size Settings
Enable Auto Resize
Bar Alignment
Unit of Measure
X (bar module width)  
Y (bar module height)  
Left Margin  
Right Margin  
Top Margin  
Bottom Margin  
Resolution (in dots per inch)
Barcode Image Width

(if image width is smaller than the barcode minimum width, the setting will be ignored)
Barcode Image Height

(if image height is smaller than the barcode minimum height, the setting will be ignored)
Image Format

Online Barcode Generator Supporting Bar Code Types

OnBarcode barcode products

OnBarcode also provides the following libraries and components for generating, printing, scanning, and reading ITF-14 barcodes.

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ITF-14 Software & Components

OnBarcode provides several ITF-14 barcode generating component, library, and SDK for you.

  • ITF-14 for C# - how to easily generate Leitcode linear barcodes with Visual C#.NET class library other projects.
  • ITF-14 for VB.NET - how to create, generate Leitcode 1D bar code images in VB.NET projects with samples.
  • ITF-14 for .NET WinForms - how to generate, create dynamic Leitcode barcode images in .NET windows applications.
  • ITF-14 for ASP.NET - how to generate, create high-quality Leitcode bar codes in ASP.NET web form / web site.

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